Our view

This website is open for all professionals who want to publish their articles about Hadoop. Also, it is a free educational tool for people who want to improve their skills in big data, especially Hadoop and other applications (Apache open source) that work with Hadoop.

Main goal

Our goal is to provide an educational articles about the Hadoop open-source system. Also, this website is for Hadoop that deals with Data Analytics & Data Science. Please send the articles and a brief summary of your experience in Hadoop big data and we will happy to publish your article.

Main Author

Alaa Yagoub has more than 17 years of experience in IT in the banking industry. Alaa has a bachelor degree in computer science. In 2012, he completed a master’s degree in Information technology security for Hadoop big data and distributes systems from the University of Ontario in Oshawa, Canada. Alaa is interested in Big data and data science. He has work experience in architect, design, and development for big data and data science applications. He has very good development skills in Java(Core), Scala, Python, and SQL. Alaa works at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) as an architect and technical team lead in the Risk area. Alaa is responsible for the automation of the applications for IFRS9-Data completeness, P&CB, and BCAR.