Hadoop Main Architecture

Hadoop is a framework that deals with un-structured, semi-structured and structured data. On the top of Hadoop framework many applications were built to extend the capabilities of Hadoop. Hadoop Canada gives the details of set of applications that deal with HadoopLearn More

Hadoop Services

It deals with un-structured, semi-structured and structured data. Hadoop runs on a cluster. The cluster is a set of machines work together to process the data set. Hadoop is software framework for

distributed processing and storage of very large data sets.Learn More

Hadoop programming languages

We can use use different programming like Java, Scala, Python and R that work under Hadoop framework. Also in most of open source applications that built on the top of Hadoop use Java programming. Java is the main programming language in most Apache applications. Learn More

Hadoop from Canada
The main goal for this website is to provide the full details about Hadoop framework in articles to simplify the use of Hadoop in Big data by example under community of open source.
Also this website is for developers who want to write articles about Hadoop big data & Hadoop data science.